At Rufolo Construction, we construct quality additions professionally and responsibly. It’s not left up to a tradesman to give the client the run-around and/or vague answers.  The only point of contact is Rufolo Construction.  We spend time with our clients to find out what they need and expect, and then we accomplish these goals for them.  Our subcontractors are expected and required to fulfill the highest expectations for a quality job.

Our vast technological background aids in handling the trades most efficiently.  Rufolo Construction handles the complicated aspects with applications and then brings the homeowner specialized recommendations so the client can make an educated decision with Rufolo Construction’s guidance and support.

Our proposals reflect all labor and core material costs.  This approach enables the client to see the base expense first and then purchase appliances, fixtures and extras based on personal taste and budget.  It also allows the homeowner to avoid costly mark-ups.

One of the most critical aspects of an addition is how it connects to the original structure.  A well-done addition should blend into the original house seamlessly, like it was there all along.  We take great lengths to ensure a smooth transition between the new structure and the old.

Finally, we understand it is difficult for a family to move out of their home for several months. At Rufolo, our goal is to accomplish our work with as little disruption to daily life as possible and with the family remaining in the home.

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